Project Management

Project Management

Many managers find themselves having to execute projects which fall outside their company’s core area of business and as such suitable expertise and resources aren’t available internally. This is where Newman Eventus can help. We specialise in the management of small and medium-sized projects, particularly those which are unexpected (such as damage repair), one-offs, unusual in some way, or new to an organisation and require us to show initiative, make timely decisions, and work with minimal support or client direction.

We have experience across all phases of the project life-cycle covering:

  • Conceptual design and concept selection
  • Pre-FEED and FEED
  • Contractor selection and management
  • Detailed design and EPC
  • Fabrication and construction
  • Handover to operations
  • Brownfield modifications and retrofitting

Our approach is to invest heavily in up-front preparation and planning. Through close communication with stakeholders, contractors, and other affected parties we determine a precise scope of work, identify the interfaces, and structure the project so as to minimise disruption to ongoing business operations.

Stage Gate Support

Does your organisation struggle to obtain stage gate approval for CAPEX investment projects? Newman Eventus can assist you with preparing governance and execution documents for stage gate approval up to FID, including:

  • Project execution and management plans
  • Project governance plans
  • Benefits management plans
  • Stakeholder engagement plans
  • Requirements management plans
  • Work breakdown structures
  • Project budgets
  • Schedules
  • Resourcing plans
  • Contracting and procurement strategies

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Organisations need people who can shoulder responsibility, make decisions, and communicate effectively. This combination is rarer among managers than it should be.

Timothy Newman
Founder, Newman Eventus

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