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Supporting businesses when and where it matters

Newman Eventus is a boutique consultancy supporting small and medium-sized organisations involved in design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing activities.

Drawing on a unique blend of technical, commercial, and administrative capabilities and twenty years of international industry experience, we provide specialised business consulting, project management, and troubleshooting services with an emphasis on outcomes.


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What support do you need?

Many business owners find themselves having to execute projects which fall outside their company’s core area of business and as such suitable expertise and resources are not available internally.

Newman Eventus are experts in the management of small, one-off projects, particularly those which are difficult, unexpected, or unusual in some way and require us to show initiative, make timely decisions, and work with minimal support or client direction.

When companies face a sudden, short-term problem or an emergency they often find they are short of resources or their organisation lacks the skills and character needed to grasp the situation and bring it under control.

Newman Eventus can provide immediate, cross-functional support in the form of experience, drive, leadership, decision making, and task ownership to support your efforts in bringing about a favourable outcome.

Even small organisations have a few nagging, seemingly perpetual problems which everyone complains about, but nobody has ever addressed. Usually this is because the solutions are not obvious and the resources of the company are poorly suited to identifying them.

Newman Eventus specialise in finding the root cause of difficult problems, understanding their impact on the business, and taking the lead in implementing pragmatic solutions.

Why choose us?

At Newman Eventus we focus on outcomes and deliver when it matters.

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Newman Eventus can adapt to any situation and deliver the outcome you need.

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With Newman Eventus you will benefit from our years of international business experience.

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Supporting businesses where and when it matters