Who we are

Newman Eventus is an independent consultancy supporting organisations involved in the manufacture of NCM cathode materials and black mass recycling.

Drawing on a unique blend of technical, commercial, and administrative capabilities and international battery materials experience, we provide specialised technical, business, and supply chain consulting and project management services with an emphasis on outcomes.

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How we can help

Are you looking to enter the battery materials industry?

Are you looking to recycle EV batteries or black mass?

Are you a metal sulphate refiner looking to move into pCAM production?

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Do you need to set up a pCAM laboratory ?

Do you need a pCAM or CAM pilot plant?

Are you looking to move from pilot to commercial scale?

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Is your project in conflict with your internal procurement policies?

Do you need specialist contractors or vendors but don’t know how to engage them?

Has a vendor stopped cooperating?

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Are you spending too much time responding to enquiries and writing proposals?

Are you tired of waiting for customers to commit to an order?

Are you good at selling to engineers but not to managers?

Do you keep being asked for information you don’t have?

Are you doing too much work for free?

Do you struggle to work with EPC contractors?

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Do you need help managing your battery materials project?

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Why choose us?


Newman Eventus has direct, hands-on experience in the battery materials industry.


At Newman Eventus we focus on outcomes and deliver when it matters.


Newman Eventus can adapt to any situation and deliver the outcome you need.

Let us help you join the future

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