About Us

Over the course of 18 years of engineering and project management in the international energy industry, Timothy Newman noticed that companies often struggle to execute projects because their middle and upper management lack decision-making abilities, especially when a project is unusual or falls outside their core business. He found the problem was often compounded by an inability of managers in technical organisations to produce quality written documentation.

Drawing on his experience living and working in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Russia, Nigeria, Australia, and France combined with his unique writing skills, Timothy founded Newman Eventus in 2018 with the purpose of supporting small and medium-sized organisations with a requirement for short-term delivery and managerial expertise.

Our primary clients are companies with a technical element or process – production, manufacturing, engineering, design, construction, maintenance – seeking efficiency gains, cost reductions, overseas expansion, project management, or troubleshooting assistance.

As well as providing expertise and guidance, Newman Eventus offers interim management services whereby we take on the role of a manager within an organisation with the responsibility for implementing and executing the necessary programs and activities from conception to completion.

Our Approach

The approach at Newman Eventus focuses on outcomes, and combines bold decision-making, communication, and documentation based on the premise that all business activities must contribute towards achieving desirable results.

Our Principles

At Newman Eventus we universally demonstrate the principles inherent to us.


Each shall carry out their work to the best of their professional ability.


Each shall take full ownership of their work and be accountable for its satisfactory completion.


Each shall work within the spirit of the business relationship to ensure mutual satisfaction on all sides.


Each shall be open and honest in their dealings with others and make no attempt to conceal pertinent information or mislead.

Professional Standards

In the execution of our work we uphold professional standards ensuring quality of service, trust in relationships, and complete client satisfaction.


Clear and open communication and sharing of information.


Work carried out in a well-organised and structured manner.


Providing services tailored to customer needs.


Work carried out correctly and to a professional standard.


The basis of decisions and actions referenced wherever possible.


Consistency is maintained throughout the project and across deliverables.

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Organisations need people who can shoulder responsibility, make decisions, and communicate effectively. This combination is rarer among managers than it should be.

Timothy Newman
Founder, Newman Eventus

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