Who We Are

Newman Eventus is an independent consultancy supporting organisations involved in the manufacture of NCM cathode materials and black mass recycling.

Our expertise derives from direct exposure to the NCM cathode material manufacturing process and supply chain challenges facing the EV battery industry in Europe and North America.

Newman Eventus are pragmatic problem solvers whose goal is to help our clients actually achieve business objectives, rather than merely propose solutions. We actively take on the ownership and management of tasks for our clients, and are happy to work independently or within a team as required.

Newman Eventus are competent across a wide range of disparate yet overlapping areas which gives us an uncommon perspective and allows us to identify root causes and solutions which others may miss. For example, our formally-acquired knowledge of HR Management combined with our engineering and industry experience gives us the ability to understand the human factors behind what might be assumed a technical problem.

On occasion we have been described as a Swiss Army knife: not the first choice in some cases, but highly versatile and exactly what you need in certain situations.

Why choose us?


Newman Eventus has direct, hands-on experience in the battery materials industry.



At Newman Eventus we focus on outcomes and deliver when it matters.


Newman Eventus can adapt to any situation and deliver the outcome you need.


Following an 18-year career as an engineer and project manager in the international oil industry and an MBA, Timothy Newman joined a blue-chip European chemical company which had just entered the fledgling field of advanced battery materials. Initially recruited for his experience delivering large-scale capital projects, Timothy took a keen interest in the supply chain challenges of CAM manufacture, the global business strategy, and how new technologies were being procured and deployed.

After two years working with corporate management, development chemists, operations staff, and equipment vendors, Timothy saw an opportunity to get involved in the wider battery industry where he could apply his experience and skills more effectively. Timothy founded Newman Eventus in May 2021 with the purpose of supporting companies involved in NCM pCAM and CAM manufacturing, and has since been working with clients in France, Germany, Turkey and the USA. He is joined by two of his former industry colleagues on a part-time basis.

Our Approach

With our goal-driven approach we:

  • Take ownership, exercise judgement, and make bold decisions
  • Are highly pragmatic
  • Never lose sight of the ultimate business objectives, customers, and shareholders
  • Do not allow the business objectives to be obscured by, or become subordinate to, internal or political goals
  • Understand that processes, while important, must contribute towards achieving the business objectives
  • Identify and monitor what represents genuine progress

Our Principles

At Newman Eventus we consistently demonstrate the principles inherent to us as professionals.


Each shall carry out their work to the best of their professional ability.


Each shall take full ownership of their work and be accountable for its satisfactory completion.


Each shall work within the spirit of the business relationship to ensure mutual satisfaction on all sides.


Each shall be open and honest in their dealings with others and make no attempt to conceal pertinent information or mislead.

Professional Standards

In the execution of our work we uphold professional standards ensuring quality of service, trust in relationships, and complete client satisfaction.


Clear and open communication and sharing of information.


Work carried out in a well-organised and structured manner.


Providing services tailored to customer needs.


Work carried out correctly and to a professional standard.


The basis of decisions and actions referenced wherever possible.


Consistency is maintained throughout the project and across deliverables.

how can we help you?

Contact us by phone, email, or submit a business inquiry online.

We have been described as a Swiss Army knife: not the first choice in some cases, but highly versatile and exactly what you need in certain situations.

Timothy Newman
Director, Newman Eventus

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