CAM Supply Chain Consulting

Newman Eventus has specialist knowledge and experience of the NCM CAM supply chain including:

  • Unit operations, equipment, and risks at each step from metal refining to CAM manufacture
  • Different supply chain configurations and business models and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Waste disposal challenges and solutions
  • Black mass recycling technologies and where they fit in the CAM supply chain
  • Cathode materials industry market intelligence

How we can help

Perhaps your company has key products or other advantages which makes an entry into the lucrative battery materials industry attractive to your senior management? However, identifying a strategy which will maximise the chances of success while minimising business risk is not straightforward without specialist knowledge of the industry landscape.

Newman Eventus can provide expert advice and guidance regarding prevailing market trends, technologies, risks, and global supply chain patterns to help you choose a winning business strategy.

EV battery recycling is clearly going to be a major business in the near future as adoption of electric vehicles increases and batteries reach the end of their useful life. Many companies are keen to participate in this key part of the circular economy, but identifying and developing a successful business strategy is not always easy.

Newman Eventus can provide expert advice and guidance regarding the unit operations of EV battery recycling, prevailing technologies, where recycling fits into the existing supply chain, technological and business risks, and current market trends to help you select a winning strategy for your business.

With companies seeking to reduce the CAPEX of their CAM manufacturing facilities, the outsourcing of pCAM production to third parties under strategic supply agreements is set to increase. In addition, with EV batteries heading towards standardisation through initiatives such as the European Battery Alliance, the large-scale manufacture of CAM precursor to standard specifications is only a matter of time.

There are several advantages for a company engaged in the production of battery-grade nickel or cobalt sulphates to move into pCAM manufacture and capture more of the value chain. Newman Eventus can help you realise these advantages and lead a pCAM development program on your behalf. Click here to see the services we offer in this area.

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Timothy Newman
Director, Newman Eventus

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