Project Management

PM - Akpo FPSO
Akpo FPSOOil & Gas, Offshore, Brownfield Modifications

Engineering and project management of multiple brownfield modifications in support of production operations on an FPSO offshore Nigeria over a three year period on behalf of an oil and gas major.

More than twenty modification projects were successfully carried out while overcoming restricted space on a heavily congested topside, short windows for installation works, and a lack of offshore bedspace.

PM - Egina FPSO
Egina FPSOOil & Gas, Offshore, Detailed Design and EPC

Company representative for an oil and gas major assigned to the engineering office of an EPC contractor carrying out the detailed design of an FPSO.

Despite a tight schedule and a complex contractual delivery structure, the FPSO was delivered in time to meet the first oil date.

PM - Flare Tip Replacement
Flare Tip Replacement CraneOil & Gas, Detailed Design, Fabrication and Construction

Project management of the design, fabrication, and load testing of a bespoke crane for the replacement of FPSO flare tips on behalf of an oil and gas major.

The works included construction of a replica flare platform and a functional test of the entire crane and rigging system using a mock flare tip. The crane and its associated rigging components were delivered along with certification to the field ready for the next shutdown.

PM - Chayvo Heliport
Chayvo HeliportOil & Gas, FEED, Civil Infrastructure

Project management of a FEED study for a new heliport at an oil processing facility in eastern Russia on behalf of an oil and gas major.

The heliport comprised a rejected takeoff/landing area flyway and taxiways, a hangar, and a passenger/administration building with the engineering and design carried out by an approved Russian design institute as per national regulations.

PM - Metal Dissolving
Metal Dissolving PlantBattery Materials, pre-FEED

Project management of a pre-FEED study for a metal dissolving plant making sulphate solutions for battery material production.

Batch and continuous laboratory tests were carried out with the results used to develop design concepts to be taken through to engineering. PFDs, layouts, and cost estimates were generated, serving as a basis for the investment decisions for the next project phase.

PM - Pilot Plant Retrofit
Pilot Plant RetrofitBattery Materials, Brownfield Modifications, New Technologies

Project management of the retrofit of a battery materials pilot production plant to increase capacity and incorporate next-generation technologies.

The project involved close cooperation with the product scientists and technology teams to understand the criticality and technical risks associated with each piece of process equipment, and to agree a design freeze before placing orders.

PM - Concept Design
Facilities DevelopmentOil & Gas, Concept Development

Conceptual development and design of multiple onshore and offshore oil and gas production facilities over a four year period on behalf of an energy major.

Suitable analogue facilities were selected as a base for each concept, from which designs, weight estimates and cost estimates were generated for use by petroleum architects in determining the optimum field development plan.

PM - Lab Expansion
Laboratory ExpansionChemicals, Design and Build, Fit Out

Project management of the relocation and expansion of a product development laboratory.

The contractual strategy was to engage a specialist consultant to prepare a preliminary design, procurement, and installation scope which was then put to tender as a design-and-build contract.

Documentation & Technical Writing

PM - Flare Tip Replacement
Procedure for Replacement of FPSO Flare TipsOil & Gas, Detailed Design, Fabrication and Construction

Step-by-step illustrated procedure for the complete replacement of the HP and LP flare tips on an FPSO offshore west Africa using a bespoke crane and rigging arrangement.

The procedure was created by observing lifting and rigging specialists carry out the operation on a mock flare platform and documenting each step. It was successfully used on a subsequent full-field shutdown, and remains in use to this day.

Doc - Sakhalin II
Project-to-Asset Transition PlanOil & Gas, Handover to Operations

Transition document defining the process for planning and managing the handover and acceptance of an LNG facility’s supporting infrastructure from the project directorate to the operations directorate.

The document covered the transfer of physical items (buildings, systems, equipment, and removable items), information (documentation, data, and drawings), and organisation (people and responsibilities).

PM - Chayvo Heliport
Chayvo Heliport Project Execution PlanOil & Gas, Civil Infrastructure

Project execution plan for a new heliport at an oil processing facility in eastern Russia consisting of a rejected takeoff/landing area flyway and taxiways, a hangar, and a passenger/administration building.

The document included a detailed description of the activities being performed at each project phase broken down by discipline, a Level 3 schedule, and a Class III TIC estimate.

Doc - eMustering
Contractor Scope of Work for an e-Mustering SystemOil & Gas, Offshore, Brownfield Modifications

Contractor scope of work for a retrofitted electronic mustering system on an FPSO offshore west Africa on behalf of an oil and gas major.

The document was created by engaging a specialist consultant to visit the asset and identify the necessary scope items and activities, and capturing them in written form in a logical, structured manner which could be easily understood by the tendering parties.

Doc - Visitor Management
Engineering Office Visitor Management ProcedureOil & Gas, EPC, Human Resources Management

Document to inform and manage company visitors to the design offices of an EPC company located in a remote city.

Generating the document involved research into local prices so a per diem could be calculated, determining the visa application processes for a range of nationalities, and calculating the most pragmatic flight routes from the most common points of origin.


Tshoot - Piltun Lighthouse
Piltun Lighthouse InspectionOil & Gas, Environment

Inspection of the internal stairs of a remote lighthouse used for crucial whale monitoring activities during the Sakhalin II construction phase.

Thought unsafe by the whale observation team, a speedy solution was needed but the lighthouse was located in a remote, sparsely populated area of Sakhalin Island far from the nearest project site. Timothy Newman had the advantages of being a resourceful engineer, a moderate Russian speaker, and unfazed by the prospect of a nine-hour cross-country trip in the back of a Kamaz truck. He volunteered to carry out the inspection and on his return presented management with a report and a set of photos confirming the integrity of the lighthouse stairs.

Tshoot - Yuri Topchev
Lun-A MEG Line Rock Dumping CampaignOil & Gas, Offshore, Construction

Weeks before the startup of the Sakhalin II Lun-A platform, it was discovered the 4″ subsea pipeline carrying vital methanol from the shore had been stripped of its protective rocks by the strong currents in the Sea of Okhotsk.

An emergency rock-dumping campaign was launched, planned and executed by a hand-picked team of which Timothy Newman was a key member. Bringing on board the rock-dumping vessel his pragmatic approach to problem-solving, practical knowledge, and Russian speaking skills, he worked day and night alongside the crew in harsh winter conditions to stabilise the pipeline and allow the platform to start up on schedule.

Tshoot - Melbourne
Short-Notice International Office SetupHuman Resources Management, Administration

With an EPC contract being unexpectedly awarded to a company in a remote city where his employer had no presence, Timothy Newman volunteered to go there immediately and begin setting up a project office.

He quickly set about securing accommodation, establishing contracts with healthcare providers, setting up a visa application process, working with corporate IT to install a server, and putting in place policies related to safety, security, travel, expenses, and local transport.

Hookup Recovery CampaignOil & Gas, Offshore, Hookup & Commissioning

When a major oil company found itself with an additional 20,000 manhours of work during an offshore hookup campaign, Timothy Newman was singled out as someone who could lend a hand.

Over the next 28 days he worked the night shift, supervising construction crews as they carried out critical modifications and repair works before arrival of first gas on the platform.


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