At any time and without warning, business owners and managers can find themselves with a serious situation on their hands without the means to solve it, putting their bonus, reputation, or even company at risk. We at Newman Eventus have the experience, character and ability to take ownership of a difficult problem and resolve it to your satisfaction – protecting you, your company and your reputation.

If your project manager has just quit or is simply not performing, Newman Eventus can step in, keep your client happy, and ensure things run smoothly while you search for a replacement.

A safety or security incident on a work site can put your business or project in serious jeopardy. Newman Eventus can provide a person on the ground you can rely on to ensure you receive accurate information, damage is minimised, and your interests are protected.

Do you need to send staff to a location where your company has no presence on short notice? Where will they live, work, and eat? What visa do they need? And where will they go if they fall ill? Let Newman Eventus manage these issues for you.

It is an unfortunately common occurrence for vendors and suppliers to stop cooperating with clients partway through a contract. This may be due to changes in the vendor’s organisation or circumstances, a breakdown in business relations, misaligned priorities, or simple misunderstandings and miscommunication. Newman Eventus can intervene on your behalf to establish the cause of any problems and take the necessary steps to bring about the outcomes you need.

In helping you overcome an unwanted situation or solve a difficult problem, Newman Eventus work with complete transparency, sharing information as soon as it becomes available and communicating action plans, decisions, and the thought process behind each. Newman Eventus will provide formal written updates to ensure trust and satisfactory outcomes are paramount throughout.

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We have been described as a Swiss Army knife: not the first choice in some cases, but highly versatile and exactly what you need in certain situations.

Timothy Newman
Director, Newman Eventus

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