NCM pCAM Laboratories

Newman Eventus can help you design, build, and operate a pCAM product development laboratory by:

  • Developing an equipment list
  • Identifying NCM chemical formulations and process parameters
  • Designing, building, and programming an automated chemical dosing system
  • Identifying utility and waste disposal requirements
  • Preparing a basis of design and scope of work for design and build contractors
  • Preparing reaction programs

NCM pCAM and CAM Pilot Plants

Newman Eventus can help you deliver your pCAM and CAM pilot plants by:

  • Identifying pilot plant objectives (what do you want it to do, why, and for whom?)
  • Developing process flowsheets
  • Selecting pilot plant equipment (what process or technologies need to be demonstrated?)
  • Engaging vendors and developing a procurement strategy
  • Carrying out concept and feasibility studies
  • Leading site identification and selection
  • Leading engineering activities
  • Managing the pilot plant project on your behalf

In addition to the above, for pCAM pilot plants we are able to:

  • Calculate chemical mixing ratios and consumptions for NCM 523, 622 and 811 cathode variants
  • Calculate waste streams and identify disposal solutions
  • Design latest-technology dosing systems which offer full flexibility to develop different pCAM formulations
  • Prepare process engineering deliverables: PFDs, P&IDs, equipment lists, vessel size calculations
  • Advise on different filtration and drying technologies

Scale-Up Programmes

One of the biggest challenges for the owners of a new process technology is the scale-up from idea to laboratory to pilot plant to commercial operations. A key to success is having a complete development roadmap showing key activities and milestones which aligns with your business strategy.

Newman Eventus can help develop your scale-up programme by:

  • Reviewing your business strategy
  • Providing specialist industry knowledge
  • Ensuring you are targeting the right market segment
  • Identifying a clear route to commercialisation
  • Testing your assumptions
  • Identifying and mitigating risk
  • Identifying and engaging with partners
  • Carrying out capital project concept and feasibility studies
  • Ensuring CAPEX and other programme costs are minimised

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Director, Newman Eventus

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