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Are you a supplier of process packages and equipment in the chemical industry?

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Are you in need of a low-cost SRS, brine purification package, or brine loop?

Our partners Techlink are a leading supplier of turnkey packages for the chlor-alkali industry, including:

  • Sulphate removal systems (SRS) using the latest nanofiltration membrane technology
  • Brine purification systems using PTFE Tefflux® membranes
  • Containerised brine loops and HCl synthesis columns

We have partnered to bring you advanced process packages delivered through a capital projects structure tailored to meet the requirements of your business case. Together we offer:

  • Concept and Feasibility studies
  • Full project management and execution
  • Management of risks
  • Flexible designs
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX
  • Short delivery times

This unique combination of Newman Eventus’ project management skills and Techlink’s ability to design and deliver fit-for-purpose process equipment is what your business has been waiting for.

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We have been described as a Swiss Army knife: not the first choice in some cases, but highly versatile and exactly what you need in certain situations.

Timothy Newman
Director, Newman Eventus

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