Battery Materials

Battery Materials

Newman Eventus has the expertise, experience, and industry relationships to support a variety of activities in the battery materials supply chain.


Do you need expertise and guidance on the battery materials industry? 

Newman Eventus can provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • NCM CAM supply chain and risks
  • NCM CAM manufacturing process
  • Equipment selection
  • Technology/programme scale-up and pilot plants
  • Capital project delivery

NCM Precursor and CAM Manufacture

Are you a European battery manufacturer seeking to reduce risks in your supply chain?

Newman Eventus can help give you the ability to manufacture small to medium quantities of NCM precursor and CAM in-house at low cost, leaving you less vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and giving you control over your feedstock specifications.


Newman Eventus is a founding partner and stakeholder in Amber Energy, which engineers, fabricates, and installs metal sulphate mixing, reaction, filtration, and drying packages for the manufacture of NCM CAM precursors (the “wet” section) to a range of output specifications.

Cathode Active Materials (CAM)

Newman Eventus have experience in the engineering and delivery of NCM CAM production lines (the “dry” section) and enjoy working relationships with world-leading vendors of the following technologies:

  • Roller-hearth kilns and rotary calciners
  • Dry grinding
  • Spray drying and coating
  • Containment
  • Powder transfer

Using our industry experience and leveraging our relationships with technology vendors we are able to carry out concept, feasibility, and FEED studies for a complete CAM production facility, which gives you greater control over your supply chain and reduces the risk to your capital investment.

EV Battery Recycling

Are you looking to incorporate recycling technology into your production facility?

Newman Eventus enjoys working relationships with leading suppliers of EV battery recycling technologies, and have the expertise to help develop a plant which uses the synergies between recycling and the precursor manufacturing step to minimise your CAPEX and OPEX. We are able to offer the following services regarding EV battery recycling:

  • Technology selection and vendor engagement
  • Integration of recycling technology into the CAM manufacturing process
  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Pilot plant realisation
Are you an EV battery recycling technology vendor?

Deploying a new technology into a client organisation can be a lengthy and frustrating experience for vendors, especially if they are unfamiliar with the capital project procurement process.

Newman Eventus have over twenty years’ experience of client-side specialist technology procurement into a capital project and of working with technology vendors. We can maximise your chances of success by guiding you through the process, ensuring you deliver the right information at the right time and avoid wasting time and money.

For more information on how we can support technology and equipment vendors, click here.

Programme/Technology Scale-Up & Pilot Plants

Do you have a great new battery technology but are unsure how to scale-up to commercialisation?

One of the biggest challenges for owners of a new battery technology is the scale-up from laboratory to pilot plant and securing its adoption by end users at commercial scale. A condition of success is having a comprehensive development roadmap showing key activities and milestones which aligns with your business strategy, without which even the best technology will fail.

Newman Eventus can help you succeed through the development of commercial plans with a clear understanding of objectives and execution methodologies, ensuring both the technology and organisation are aligned to cost and schedules and the final goal of profitability.

For more on how we can help with your technology scale-up and commercialisation programme development, click here.

Do you need help with your pilot plant project?

Pilot plants have characteristics which differ substantially from commercial-scale facilities, and these must be understood as fully as their purpose and scope if costs are to be minimised. Newman Eventus have experience in designing and building pilot plants in the European battery materials industry and are ready to help you deliver your own pilot technology project.

For more on how we can help you realise your pilot plant project, click here.

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Timothy Newman
Director, Newman Eventus

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