Documentation & Technical Writing

Newman Eventus offers a unique service which combines extensive engineering knowledge and technical understanding with professional-standard writing capabilities.

Scopes of Work

A poorly written, incomplete, or unclear scope of work inevitably leads to confusion and delays, essential activities not being carried out, disagreements with stakeholders and external contractors, and in extreme cases a failed project or costly lawsuit.

Newman Eventus ensures you experience none of this by preparing a scope of work which:

  • Clearly describes what will be done, by whom, and the deliverables associated with each activity
  • Distinguishes between the overall project scope and works carried out in project phases
  • Identifies essential information and data to execute the activities
  • Informs parties of applicable standards, specifications, procedures, and other requirements
  • Is written using legal language such that it can be directly inserted into a contract
  • Is easily translated into other languages

Project Execution Plans

Many project execution plans, if they are written at all, poorly reflect the reality of the project. This leaves the business managers and other stakeholders without a guidance document and relying heavily on the project manager to remain on the job and keep everyone aligned.

Newman Eventus gives you the information you need by preparing a project execution plan which:

  • Provides the necessary context in which the project sits
  • Describes in a structured, logical way who is doing what, where, how, why, and in what sequence
  • Is detailed yet concise
  • Contains fluent, explanatory narratives
  • Uses terminology suited to your industry or business
  • Is free of jargon, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors
  • Conforms to document control quality standards

Operational Processes & Procedures

Processes and procedures are essential to achieving consistent, high-quality results across your business and reassuring your clients and investors, but are often lacking in organisations which are growing rapidly or subject to frequent change.

Let Newman Eventus help you get ready for ISO 9001 certification, improve your safety record, or reduce inefficiencies by analysing your managerial and operational activities, designing robust yet flexible processes, and writing clear, fit-for-purpose procedures in areas such as:

  • Document control
  • Change management
  • Construction activities
  • Maintenance activities

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We have been described as a Swiss Army knife: not the first choice in some cases, but highly versatile and exactly what you need in certain situations.

Timothy Newman
DirectorDirector, Newman Eventus

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