Our Approach

The approach at Newman Eventus focuses on outcomes, and is based on the premise that all business activities must contribute towards achieving desirable results. This recognises that while processes and procedures are necessary for the efficient and effective running of an organisation, they are subservient to the organisation’s primary goals.

At Newman Eventus we understand that no area of business operations is free of the influence of human beings. We recognise that in many organisations the human resources management functions are remote or disconnected from the operations, leading to poor implementation of HR strategies, inefficient use of human capital, and ultimately inferior outcomes in terms of staff turnover and financial performance. Our approach considers the human resources integrated into each business activity and maximises their productivity across the whole organisation.

Principles and Standards

At Newman Eventus we universally demonstrate the principles inherent to us, and in the execution of our work we uphold professional standards ensuring quality of service, trust in relationships, and complete client satisfaction.

Our Principles


Each employee shall carry out their work to the best of their professional ability.


Each employee shall take full ownership of their work and be accountable for its satisfactory completion.


Each employee shall work within the spirit of the business relationship to ensure mutual satisfaction on all sides.


Each employee  shall be open and honest in their dealings with others and make no attempt to conceal pertinent information or mislead.

Our Professional Standards


Clear and open communication and sharing of information.


Work carried out in a well-organised and structured manner.


Providing services tailored to customer needs.


Work carried out correctly and to a professional standard.


The basis of decisions and actions referenced wherever possible.


Consistency is maintained throughout the project and across deliverables.

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The paradox of modern business is that as the use of AI and technology grows, people become increasingly important.

Timothy Newman
Founder, Newman Eventus

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